Pulp & Press is a Canadian cold-pressed juice company which sells both direct-to-consumer (DTC) and through wholesale channels. Their marketing agency, Northern Commerce, engaged us to create a library of photo and video content to be used online and in email and social media marketing channels.


DTC brands post and advertise regularly on social media channels, and often aim to engage with consumers 10 or more times as they move through the AIDA funnel steps. This means there is a perpetual need for fresh content to keep consumers engaged. But how can brands balance the budget, quality, and volume of new content?


We booked a full shoot day with two primary models at a location that we could use to capture several different scenes (kitchen, home gym, garden, and study). Our crew included a dedicated photographer as well as a cinematographer.

Two models X four scenes X photo and video = 16 unique pieces of content captured in a single shoot day. We also captured environmental product shots and swapped out various products in each scene to maximize the content output from the day.


“Working with Gotham Studios gave us a turn-key production solution to quickly scale up our content library with high quality assets which our internal team was able to leverage to spin up ads, posts, and content across all of our organic and paid channels.”

 – Corey Dubeau

Chief Marketing Officer, Pulp & Press

Rec Room Showcase

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