Taste the Difference

When it comes to food and drink, we understand that presentation is half of the enjoyment you get when your meal arrives at the table. From searing the perfect grill marks on a steak, to adding that last sprinkling of sugar onto a donut, we ensure that your product looks as delicious as it tastes. At Gotham Studios, we always have a food stylist on set to ensure that our food and beverage photography will present your product in its best light.

We work directly with food processors and suppliers, cheesemakers, breweries, wineries, distilleries, agri-businesses, QSRs, and traditional restaurants in SW Ontario and Toronto to help capture the flavour of your meals and beverages.

Some examples of the type of projects we do:

  • – Food styling, photography and videography
  • – Bottle photography
  • – Ice cream photography
  • – Macro food photography
  • – Menu board images for QSR
  • – Cookbook photography
  • – Lifestyle food photography

The Science of Yummy

Believe it or not, we taste first with our eyes. That’s before our taste buds, and even our sense of smell. Don’t believe me? Just try putting some green food colouring in your next glass of milk. Since we’ve been tasting with our eyes since birth, our brains are wired to associate certain colours with certain flavours. Would you be surprised if you dug into a bowl of dark brown ice cream only to find a mint flavour?

Making mouths water is our specialty. Expertly styled by our on-set chefs, set off with the perfect props, and accented with professional studio lighting – our images beg viewers to dig in.

Our Bread and Butter

Whether they live in the kitchen or on a coffee table, cookbooks can be found in almost every home. And more often than not, the first thing that gets someone to pick up a cookbook is the images.


Digital Menus
Quick service restaurants have a unique opportunity to influence purchasing behaviour based on time of day, location, and even weather. Catch your customers’ attention with a visually impactful digital menu.


Print and Digital Ads
Put your brand’s best foot forward wherever you are communicating with your customers. Stop thumbs, start conversations, make a connection, and above all else – make them hungry!


For many, a website is the number-one indicator of brand trustworthiness. Using stock images will raise suspicion in today’s savvy customers, and cellphone pictures – well, they definitely won’t bring home the bacon.


Whether you’re showing off your daily specials or selling the experience that comes with your brand, we want to collaborate with you to capture your product in ways that will make customers’ mouths water and stomachs growl.

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