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The cannabis industry has been growing rapidly and is showing no signs of slowing down. Since widespread legalization, we have witnessed the cannabis space benefit from countless opportunities for growth and innovation.

At Gotham Studios, we have been working with legal producers since 2017 as they prepare to bring new goods to market. Besides being one of the first photography studios to serve the cannabis niche, we take great pride in doing so professionally, and properly.

Together with you, our cannabis photography specialists can help your organization to stand out from the noise, and your brand to grow strong.

Where Creativity Meets Compliance

When preparing submissions for GS1, provincial liquor boards, or any other regulatory body, the last thing you need is to be slowed down because you have the wrong image format or have an improperly cropped image.

Having prepared thousands of images to AGLC, BCCS, OCS, SQDC, and GS1 photography standards, we have the expertise to ensure that your images are accepted each time.

Scroll down to see some of our favourite creative marketing images, as well as some examples of our cannabis product photography.

What separates Gotham
from other photographers?

We use professional strobe lighting, high-resolution cameras, and macro lenses to capture the finer details of the buds and accentuate the sparkle of the trichomes. During the post-production phase, our editors enhance sharpness and colour to bring out the best in your product.

Gotham Studios has worked alongside companies from across British Columbia, Toronto and around SW Ontario including Tilray (Aphria), Indiva, and Greenleaf Productions.

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