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Since 2016 we have worked with McCormick on an in-depth awareness strategy for products across a number of their brands, including Billy Bee, Club House, Club House for Chefs, Frank’s RedHot, and Thai Kitchen. This has resulted in thousands of mouthwatering food images, each prepared professionally by our dedicated food stylist.

Keeping Things On-Brand

During the pre-production phase, we researched each brand and learned about the target audience. This fact-finding process informed how the dishes were styled, what type of lighting was used, and several other factors.

For example, Club House for Chefs images are all shot in a “back of house” style using high key, even lighting. The food is styled in a way to make it look like a dish that is about to go out to a diner in a restaurant. Images for Billy Bee on the other hand, were shot with more colourful and inviting backgrounds, using a warmer light that is meant to remind viewers of the feeling of the sun shining through the kitchen window on a summer day.


One of the main aspects which separates our work from that of other photographers or studios is our attention to detail in the post-production phase. It is for this reason that we will often spend more time editing and retouching an image than we do capturing it. But it’s worth it: our clients get positive feedback from customers and we enjoy building long-term relationships.

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