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Aphria is a licenced producer of recreation and medical cannabis in Canada. With many sub-brands, each having a number of strains across a variety of product categories including dried flower, vapes, oils, and softgels, Aphria offers a wide range of products.

About the Client

In order to distribute their products in each province’s online stores, the company has to submit product images in accordance with the regulations of each province. These regulations prescribe everything from camera angle, product staging, and lighting, down to the image editing process, file naming conventions, and file formats. When Aphria is preparing to launch a new product, it’s our job to ensure that the submission of images to each provincial board goes off without a hitch.


We have shot over 1,000 product images for Aphria and have been providing creative services to them continuously since 2017. These images are used on the websites of the various provincial cannabis stores such as the OCS (Ontario), AGLC (Alberta), and SQDC (Quebec).

By meeting the specific requirements which must be addressed during production (such as product arrangement, and camera angle), and in post-production (such as photo size, file type, resolution, colour mode, margin size, and file naming conventions), we help Aphria expedite their submissions for new products to each provincial board.

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